Motion Fund

The E-MOTIONAL’s Motion Fund represents a special funding scheme aimed at promoting cross-border mobility of the dance sector as well as encouraging the implementation of artists-in-residence activities in the participating countries.

It aims to foster creativity by opening new channels of communication, exchange and networking between artists, practitioners and the variety of local cultural players in each of the project countries. At the same time, it is designed on the profound belief that the role of artists and managers in the production of a project are interlinked and co-dependent, therefore providing support to their professional development is equally important.

The Motion Fund supports three different types of activities:

ArtistNe(s)t Residencies

The international ArtistNe(s)t Residencies aim to offer support to the development of new work by young and mid-career choreographers and is addressed to artists based in the 6 participating countries of the project: Romania, C   (more)

Gabriela Tudor Fellowship

The Gabriela Tudor fellowship aims to strengthen cultural exchange and collaboration between dance administrators from all of the six participating countries. The fellowship programme is dedicated to the memory of Gabriela Tudor, who contribute   (more)

Mobility Grants

Over two years, the Motion Fund has offered over 20 mobility grants designed to support the networking and the mobility for dance artists and managers interested to visit and attend specific events (festivals, workshops, international seminars,   (more)