International premiere of (anti) aging in Riga

First event in the frame of the Performance Exchanges strand of E-MOTIONAL is organised by the Association of the Professional Dance Choreographers of Latvia (Latvia), who invited the project they hosted for a residency earlier in September. (anti) aging by/with Madalina Dan & Mihaela Dancs will reach the audience in Riga on November 23, 2011.
(anti) aging was created with the intention to be remade after 30 years, in 2041. In 2011 Madalina Dan and Mihaela Dancs propose the creative sanatorium format, aiming for delight, relaxation and psychic comfort, enjoyment of pleasure, vitality and voluptuousness, serene acceptance of the present and preservation for the future.

Concept, choreography, performance: Madalina Dan, Mihaela Dancs
Light design: Cătălin Nicolescu
Music: collage
Video: Madalina Dan, Mihaela Dancs
Partners: E-motional Bodies & Cities/ Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Colectiv A Association
Project financed by the National Dance Centre Bucharest
Duration: 60 minutes

“(anti) aging is a tonic and tender performance about an age which smolders with the memory of certain impulses and strong sensations. It is an affective map of the future, as it appears projected within existing voices. It is an emotional manifest of the ones-we-will-become, as we would have in our hands a photography of ourselves at different ages.”

(Mihaela Michailov, Art Act Magazine, nr. 139, 26.10.2011)