Ana Costea & Larisa Crunteanu in residence in Bacau

Dancer & choreographer Ana Costea and video artist & performer Larisa Crunteanu are currently in residence at the “George Apostu” Cultural Centre in Bacau, working on the project ABOUT PAIN AND OTHER CRAZY FEELINGS.

Their interest in pain started almost two years ago, when Ana gave birth to a beautiful girl. Because of the importance of the event and the great change that a child implies, giving birth was not perceived as painful at all. Until now, they both reflected upon the idea, documenting the way the little girl is learning what is pain, the way people see it as a necessary part of their lives, the way it occurs when nothing really happened but an emotional destabilization.

For one month, the artists will interview different categories of people about their personal perception of pain. What is, what is the first memory of it, in which situations can it become good or pleasurable? What other things does it make people feel?

The residency will conclude with a work-in-progress presentation open to the audience in Bacau, on May 30, 2012.

Ana Costea is a dancer and choreographer from Bucharest. Her works  deal with  the body  like a  “theater” full of  daydreaming, pain, thoughts,  angst, happiness, temptations, overlap  of sensations.  At the same time her works deal with the physical  body, the perfect body, the body like an object,  non-conventional ways.

Larisa Crunteanu is a performer and video artist. She uses different mediums like video footage and field recordings to document and question the body in contemporary society. Her works deal with the body as a political instrument in relation to power and gender landscape.