Cypriot choreographer Marina Poyiadji in Bucharest

Choreographer Marina Poyiadji from Cyprus has been in Bucharest for the past 10 days for a E-Motional/ArtistNe(s)t residency dedicated to the her ongoing solo project, ANY-BODY. The residency began with an audition which resulted in the choice of a local dancer – Virginia Negru, with whom Marina has been working to develop her project.

‘I am a body moving in space, being still. I curry my heritage, my past, my beliefs. I dance my stories, other people’s stories. I communicate culture, I confess the self.’

ANY-BODY is part of the new artistic research project by  Marina Poyiadji, which explores issues of cultural and social behaviourism and how these transform via dance. The residency in Bucharest concludes with an open rehearsal on June 30, at the National Dance Centre studio.

Marina Poyiadji is an experienced dance teacher and performer, practicing and teaching contemporary dance for more than nine years. More recently she has been creating her own works since 2007. Originally from Cyprus, where she started her dance training in ballet and contemporary, before moving to Athens where she studied professionally at Rallou Manou Professional Dance School. As a performer she has danced with  Amfidromo Chorotheatro Dance Company (Elena Christodoulidou), Asomates Dinamis Dance Company (Machi. D. Lindahl), whose member she has been continuously since 2007, SuperB Dance Theatre (W. Kim), March Performance Group (K. March). Marina also holds a MA degree in Choreography from Middlesex University UK. Marina is a founding member of Dance Lab Nicosia an organisation promoting contemporary dance in the capital of Cyprus.