E-Motional Festival: detailed program


Gabriela Tudor Foundation presents the “E-Motional Festival: moving bodies & cities”, taking place in Bucharest, Romania, between April 12-14, 2013, as a closing event of the E-Motional Bodies & Cities programme. The festival is organised in partnership with the National Dance Centre Bucharest and is hosted at the National Museum of Contemporary Art and at ZonaD – Serial Paradise studio.

The festival includes special opening events of the exhibition space hosting video & photo installations in connection with the project, process sharing sessions of the E-Motional artistic research strand, contemporary dance performances from Romania, Latvia, Cyprus and Turkey, together with two international co-productions of the project, presented as premieres, as well as two roundtables dedicated to European projects and artistic collaboration at international level. The festival gathers over 40 artists and dance professionals participating to the programme, guests from the project countries – Romania, Ireland, Latvia, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Turkey, as well as Portugal, The Netherlands, Japan and USA.

The festival is funded through the Culture 2007-2013 programme of the EU and by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) in the frame of the E-Motional Bodies & Cities programme.

E-MOTIONAL is a project by Cosmin Manolescu and Ștefania Ferchedău.

Media partners: Șapte Seri, ArtAct magazine, Zeppelin, Tataia, Scena.ro, Modernism, ArtClue, România Pozitivă, Metropotam, Orașul meu

With support from: Cultural Contact Point of Romania, Embassy of Ireland and Embassy of Cyprus in Romania

Details at contact@e-motional.eu.


GENERAL PROGRAMME [by event type]


> Moving bodies & cities [photo-video installation]
12.04/ 18:00 – official opening & cocktail @ MNAC, 3rd floor
visiting hours & satellite events @ MNAC, 3rd floor
13.04/ 10:00-20:00
13.04/ 18:00/ artist talk
14.04/ 10:00-20:00

Materials by: Mary Wycherley & Frances Byrnes (IE), Souzana Fialas & Nicholas Shantos (CY),
Gemma Riggs (UK), Aigars Sermuksh (LV), Daniela Pălimariu & Dan Băsu (RO), Laura Murphy (IE), Toms Grīnbergs
(LV), and others

Gabriela Tudor Foundation will officially launch the festival with the opening of the installation that documents the artistic process in the frame of the E-Motional Bodies & Cities project, gathering photo/audio/video materials produced in Romania, Ireland, Latvia, Cyprus and United Kingdom. The opening cocktail is offered by the Embassy of Ireland in Romania in the presence of H.E. Mr. Ambassador Oliver Grogan.

– Frames & Fragments, by Mary Wycherley (IE)
– Illusions of Riga, by Aigars Sermuksh (LV)
– Chairs/ Boots/ Layers, by Gemma Riggs (UK)
– Six short stories about…, by Vlaicu Golcea (RO)


> Continuum body [in the city]
by Bogdana Pascal (RO)

opening 12.04/ 19:00/ MNAC, 3rd floor
visiting hours & satellite events @ MNAC, 3rd floor
13.04/ 10:00-20:00
13.04/ 18:00/ artist talk
14.04/ 10:00-20:00

In the past few years, whenever I go somewhere abroad, I cannot help getting out of a certain practice: to analyse to what extent that place could adopt me, how fast would it become familiar, what could it offer, what should I give in return? It is pretty clear for me that I am not behaving any more like a tourist, but as a careful researcher, a simply thrilled and subjective observer of the new life around him, empathizing with it. And as many of these thoughts would not concern me if I weren’t a mom, this analogy of the integration in the life of a city with the one of a child that tries to find his place in a family seems to me almost necessary. We often hear this say “adoption country”. In a metaphorical way, to adopt means to hold. I’ve been trying to understand how sincerely could a city hold a stranger, even on a temporary basis, how adequately could it approach him, so that it meets his expectations and it secures that continuum needed for him to feel as a part of the whole.


PROCESS SHARING Artistic Research

The interdisciplinary artistic research has been central to the E-Motional Bodies & Cities project. Two different artistic teams have embarked together in a collaborative process to explore the relation between the human body, the urban and geo-political context and new technologies. Each team is composed of five artists (from contemporary dance, visual arts and new media), one from each project country, that have gathered for three working residencies, in three different countries – Ireland and Cyprus, for one group, Latvia and UK, for the second one, and Romania for both of them.

The two groups have reunited in Bucharest for a final working session focusing on the politics of the body. Between April 4-11, the artists are working at ZonaD studio and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, having the opportunity to discover Bucharest from different perspectives. The residency will conclude with informal presentations open to the audience, the format of process sharing allowing an access to very different collaborative and performative practices developed by the two teams.

> Layers: Riga/ London/ Bucharest
12.04/ 19:30/ MNAC, 3rd floor, Medialab

Artists: Mircea Ghinea (RO), Laura Murphy (IE), Kaspars Lielgalvis (LV), Alexis Vassiliou (CY), Gemma Riggs (UK)

> Keep walking: Dublin/ Limassol/ Bucharest
13.04/ 12:00/ ZonaD

Artists: Mădălina Dan (RO), Fearghus Ó Conchúir (IE), Olga Zitluhina (LV), Arianna Marcoulides (CY), Luke Pell (UK)



> Realia (Bucharest/Beirut) (RO, 2012) [performance]
12.04 / 22:00/ subRahova

Artistic direction & performance: Farid Fairuz
Text, costumes & set: Farid Fairuz
Music: Dhafer Youssef, Brent Lewis, Karpov not Kasparov, P. I. Ceaikovski, Margareta Pâslaru
Technical support: Mircea Ghinea
Production: Solitude Project & Caminul Cultural
Project financed by: The National Cultural Fund
Supported by: Colectiv A
* Event opened only to festival guests due to space limitations.

In Realia (Bucharest/Beirut) Farid Fairuz questions the frail limit between the real and the fictional, thus emphasizing a discourse based on the construction of multiple identities. His approach underlines the ability of today’s culture to impose the unreal and the fictional as realities, as components of a realm in which the line between the possible, the virtual and the real no longer function as they once did.

Realia (Bucharest/Beirut) is a performance that combines temporal layers, real and fictional events from the life of a character that simultaneously has two identities: Mihai Mihalcea, born in Bucharest and Farid Fairuz born in Beirut. The dramaturgy is build upon the tension created through a construct that mixes very personal and powerful memories from Bucharest and fictional elements from Beirut and the other way around.

> ReVerbs (RO/TR, 2013) [performative installation/ premiere]
13.04/ 16:00-18:00/ MNAC, 3rd floor, Medialab

By/with: Özlem Alkış (TR) & Vlaicu Golcea (RO)
Video: Andrei Gâțu
Animation: Mihai Păcurar
Production: Gabriela Tudor Foundation in the frame of E-Motional Bodies & Cities
Funders: Culture 2007-2013 of EU, National Dance Centre Bucharest

“A body (sub)merged in a sole is medium of concentric spreading. The sole is hitting the floor. The floor is expanding. The sole is hitting the train rail. The rail is shaking. The sounds are being released through the body centres that become sources of an active-emotional resonance. The body is growing under our eyes as if it were an auditory pore.” – Mihaela Michailov


> Unusual Suspects (CY, 2012) [performance]
13.04/ 20:00/ MNAC, 3rd floor, Medialab

Concept/ Creation/ Performance: Evie Demetriou
Advisor: Tabea Martin
Musicians: Cristian Soleanu (saxophone), Lucian Maxim (percussion)
Music: Yachts (Coco, Steel & Lovebomb), Tango Cancion (Gotan Project), Felino (electrotango), The Professor & La FilleDanse (Damien Rice)
Styling: Kristia Michaelidou, Evie Demetriou
Acting coach: Myrsini Chrisohoidou
Voice coach: Cathryn Robson
Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic
Production: En drasi

The performance explores the need and desire for an ideal partner and an ideal relationship and the fear of being alone. At the same time it questions the limit between performer and audience, while challenging the performance structure to be flexible to be modified through the audience response.


> Facts and truth about Latvian dance. LIVE! [showcase]
13.04/ 21:30/ MNAC, 3rd floor, Medialab

With: Olga Zitluhina, Sintija Silina, Katrina Albuze, Kristine Vismane, Roberts Muciņš, Inta Balode

Five choreographers (and not all very young and not all women) and one dance critic (and not one of those who love ballet over everything) – all of them together within 60 LIVE minutes with an ambition to share LIVE what the Latvian dance looks like, feels like, doubts about and is about. To achieve that they will offer excerpts from 3 different works plus some extras and all of that wrapped, framed and intruded by those from the team who didn’t have work to show. Come and meet LIVE Latvian dance artists and ask for the truth!

– Good Enough (2013) / Choreography: Kristīne Vismane / Concept & artistic direction: Andrejs Jarovojs/ Performers: Kristīne Vismane & Katrīna Albuže
– Almost Like Bread (2012) / Choreography: Roberts Muciņš / Performer: Roberts Muciņš
– On A Hot Roof (2010) / Choreography: Sintija Silina / Created by: Anatomy of Dance/ Bucharest performer: Sintija Silina


> Internal Façade (RO/IE, 2013) [performative installation/ premiere]
14.04/ 18:30/ MNAC, 3rd floor, Medialab

Created by: Laura Murphy (IE), Gemma Riggs (UK) & Mircea Ghinea (RO)
Performers: Laura Murphy, Mircea Ghinea
Videography: Gemma Riggs
Sound score composer: Irene Buckley
Advisor: Mary Nunan
Production: Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Dance Ireland & The Firkin Crane in the frame of E-Motional Bodies & Cities
Funders: Culture 2007-2013 programme of the EU, European Cultural Foundation, National Dance Centre Bucharest
Special thanks: Paul McCarthy & Tim Feehily (The Firkin Crane, Cork, Ireland), Elisabetta Bisaro (Dance
Ireland) & Cosmin Manolescu (E-Motional Bodies & Cities)

Internal Façade frames the performers’ movements by layering live performance and moving image, pace and duration. The work grows out of research conducted by the three artists in Riga in September 2012 as part of the E-Motional Bodies and Cities artistic research strand.


> (anti) aging (RO, 2011) [performance]
14.04/ 20:00/ MNAC, 3rd floor, Medialab

Concept, choreography & performance: Mădălina Dan, Mihaela Dancs
Light design: Cătălin Nicolescu
Technical support: Mihai Dragomir
Presenter & advisor: Ștefania Ferchedău
Partners & funders: National Dance Centre Bucharest, E-motional Bodies& Cities/ Gabriela Tudor Foundation, artsf

* The performance contains nudity

(anti) aging was created with the intention to be remade after 30 years, in 2041. Mădălina Dan and Mihaela Dancs propose the creative sanatorium format, aiming for delight, relaxation and psychic comfort, enjoyment of pleasure, vitality and voluptuousness, serene acceptance of the present and preservation for the future.



> Creative Europe [presentation]
12.04 / 15:00 / MNAC, 3rd floor

Participants: Raluca Pop (independent expert), Bianca Floarea (expert, CCP), Cosmin Manolescu (executive director,
Gabriela Tudor Foundation), Ioana Popescu (Romanian Peasant Museum)
Partner: Cultural Contact Point of Romania (CCP)
The presentation will address the main changes in the future funding scheme for European cultural projects through “Creative Europe” Programme (new opportunities, new priorities), while offering at the same time a general perspective on the participation of Romanian cultural operators to the Culture Programme (2007-2013).
The presentation will be held in English. The event is open access, with registration at bianca.floarea@eurocult.ro or contact@e-motional.eu.

> Challenges of international artistic collaboration [roundtable]
14.04/ 11:00/ ZonaD

Participants: Cosmin Manolescu (executive director, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Bucharest), Ghislaine Boddington (creative director, body>data>space, London), Elisabetta Bisaro (program manager, Dance Ireland, Dublin), Natasa Georgiou (director, Dance House Lemesos, Limassol), Carla Peterson (artistic director, New York Live Arts), Atsuko Hisano (program director, Saison Foundation, Tokyo), Alberto Magno Santos (director, Fabrica de Movimentos, Porto), Inta Balode (dance writer, Riga).

The roundtable will bring into discussion various visions, approaches and challenges in regards to artistic collaboration and the implantation of international projects. The event is open to artists, managers and to all interested in international cultural cooperation.


– National Museum of Contemporary Art (2-4 Izvor St., wing E4, Bucharest/ entrance through Calea 13 Septembrie), 3rd floor, exhibition space and Medialab
– ZonaD – Serial Paradise studio (3 Iulia Hașdeu St., btw Calea Griviței and Popa Tatu)


Entrance to festival events and performance is made based on a suggested donation of 10 lei/ event. A festival pass is also available based on a donation of 80 lei, securing access to all events, including the opening cocktail. The number of passes is limited. The funds raised through donations are exclusively directed to covering the cost of the ZonaD studio administered by Gabriela Tudor Foundation.

Details at contact@e-motional.eu, www.e-motional.eu/e-motional/2011-2013 and zonadstudio.wordpress.com.