One-day event with Paul Dunca & Krassen Krastev

Just returned from their residency in Bacau, Paul and Krassen prepare a one-day show in two episodes, featuring their ongoing project, TEST_a_MENTAL.


In the first episode, Krassen Krastev and Paul Dunca try to regain something lost and to extract the useful substance from all the waste of the modern world. Some humans call that digging for gold.

SHOW RECOVERY is the season 2 of SHOW DELIVERY (July 2011), a commande pour Paul Dunca & Krassen Krastev from the residents of the 4the AGE Community Arts Centre. Get a taste from show recovery.

time&location for this episode: 3 p.m., Moses Rosen Home, Str. Jimbolia Nr.105


(by/with) Paul Dunca & Krassen Krastev
costumes: Diana Bobina & Katia Guzun, Fe[Male]
In the second episode the gold found in episode one « will be often used as a metaphor for the visionary and paradisiean state, while wings will denote unlimited ability to travel between realms, or else divine kindness and protectiveness. ». Stanislav Grof will be reading out of his “Books of the Dead” and Adolphe Charles Adam will be singing.
Please don’t worry, it will only be just a pure speculation about a state unlike anything you can experience in this life, but which people have tried to describe as best they can with the language they have. Grab a bite from test_a_mental bacau.

Project produced with the support of the Gabriela Tudor Foundation, in the frame of the E-MOTIONAL Bodies & Cities programme / ArtistNe(s)t residencies, Bacau, Romania 2011

time&location for this episode: 8 p.m., subRahova, Str. Sergent Nuțu Ion nr.2

PAUL DUNCA was born in Bucharest where he still lives and works today. After graduating the National University of Drama and Film “I.L.Caragiale” (Choreography section) and studying Play-Writing at U.N.A.T.C. Bucharest, he tried to never say ‘NO’. That’s why his work is very eclectic: from waiting tables to his own MTV show, from community art and to go-go dancing to articles in glossy magazines and from performing at the National Centre of Dance in Bucharest to presenting his work in the Judson Church, New York. All in all he’s happy whenever he can be useful.

KRASSEN KRASTEV is a Bulgarian dancer, performer and choreographer. He is founder of the first contemporary dance company in Bulgaria, Amarant Dance Studio, in 1993. Latter in Lausanne,Switzerland, he has created few short pieces, presented in different festivals across Europe. Krassen Krastev is a 2004 DanceWeb scholar, where he has worked with Alain Buffard and performed in his piece « Mauvais genre ». Krastev’s collaboration with Brice Leroux / Continuum vzw (Brussels), began in 2005, first as a dancer and than also as artistic assistant for “Quantum”- quintet and “Solo # 2-Frequencies”, created for the KunstenFestival des Arts (Brussels) and Théâtre de la Ville (Paris).