First round: ArtistNe(s)t Residences Awardees

Following an invited applications session in May-June in Romania and Latvia, the E-MOTIONAL board has awarded the following ArtistNe(s)t residences for the first round – 2011.

The international ArtistNe(s)t Residencies aim to offer support to the development of new work by young and mid-career choreographers and is addressed to artists based in the 6 participating countries of the project: Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Latvia, United Kingdom, and Turkey. 14 projects will be awarded between 2011-2013.

Mihaela Dancs (RO) and Mădălina Dan (RO)  in residency in Riga (September)
Anti Aging will explore and promote a hedonist utopia, the idea of relaxation, enjoyment and recreation as working method, questioning whether a non-confrontational environment in terms of ideas, aesthetics and contemporary issues is a worthy solution to consider in designing a work of art, and if this environment can improve the artistic quality of a product. The project questions whether this creative and social sanatorium is just a romantic and utopian vision, and which would be its impact on the creative abilities, often proved under pressure, in competitive situations, within limits imposed by social and institutional rules.

Paul Dunca (RO) and Krassen Krastev (BG) in residency in Bacău (October)
TEST-a-MENTAL mentally projecting themselves short before and after the end of their lives, the performers will use their imagination to explore the bodily functions as old people. They will also look back to what they did/created or wish(ed) they (have) create(d) in this lifetime. For instance, Krassen would have liked that he would have been the projector of the Eiffel Tower and Paul wishes he would have discovered and named a flower. The residents of “Moses Rosen” old people’s home from Bucharest, where Dunca has previously created other artistic projects, will curate Krassen & Paul’s duet before the premiere in the end of 2011/beginning of 2012.

Katrina Albuze (LV) in residency in Bacău (October)
For a human, to get from one place to the next, he has to take a concrete path – cross the distance, whether this is done by airplane or by bicycle, or just by hobbling around the room, it doesn’t matter, what is constant is that it happens by wearing shoes. Albuze will explore in her performance the different qualities of shoes and their correspondence to life situations, given that for certain events and different life situations there is certain etiquette for proper shoe selection. She will look at how physically comfortable is chosen footwear, but also how wrong choice of footwear to the specific situation can affect the sequence of events.

Anna Dubrovska in residency in Dublin & Limerick (November-December)
Anna would like to experiment a lot with the locations, objects and with the movement. She receives a huge inspiration from the art of the beginning of 20th century. As the foundation for her research she mentioned Mayakovsky’s poem “But could you?”(1913) and the paint of Picasso “Girl on the ball” (1905). She wants to combine the things, which cannot be combined from the first point of view. The theme of her project will be “E- Motional City”, and she intends to show the Irish city as a living city, that speaks and where the dance can fill itself very comfortable and to breathe together with the streets, buss-stops, historical monuments and with everything.