Sergiu Matis in residence in Ireland

Berlin based Romanian dancer and choreographer Sergiu Matis is the second E-motional artist awarded a residency in Dublin and Limerick, hosted by Dance Ireland at the DanceHouse and respectively by The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. Between February 16 – March 18, together with Northern Ireland artist Sheena Mcgrandels, Sergiu Matis is working on the project “Speech”. The residency will includes a presentation at the University of Limerick on March 10 and will be concluded with an open presentation on March 16 at the DanceHouse in Dublin.

Born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Sergiu studied dance between 1991 and 2000 in the Liceul de Coregrafie in his home city and subsequently in the Akademie des Tanzes in Mannheim, Germany, as a Fellow of the Birgit Keil Dance Foundation. His professional career began at the Tanztheater Nurnberg, where he worked with various dancers and choreographers, including Daniela Kurz, Stijn Celis, Catherine Guerin and Rodolfo Leoni, amongst others. He also took workshops with William Nadylam at the Peter Brook Company and Duccio Bellugi-Vannuccini (Theatre du Solei) and at the Compagnie Alias in Geneva. He has been based in Berlin since 2008, working with Colette Sadler-Stammer Productions and Sasha Waltz Company.


Sergiu: how does this sound: “because we search for the new, the newly found. The something that has never been uttered before” – now… that’s too much.
Sheena: But this utterance, a performance in itself, or the act that speaks. We reach out with this and face the other.
Sergiu: YES, to be the inside and the outside. To be the in between. That which cannot be said.
Sheena: How then do we say that which is, the unspeakable. When is the point of appearance? Of uttering the utterance?
Sergiu: Do you make clear?
Sheena: Clear away this necessity to speak.
Sergiu: And speak out that which hides within us.