“Gabriela Tudor” Residency Programme 2020 | Agueda & Bucharest

Gabriela Tudor Foundation in Bucharest in partnership with the residency centre AGITLab in Agueda and the City of Agueda is launching the “Gabriela Tudor” 2020 residency programme, aiming to support mobility and artistic creation in the field of dance and contemporary art. The residency programme was launched in 2019 by Cosmin Manolescu and is dedicated to the memory of Gabriela Tudor (1957-2009, www.gabrielatudor.ro), a visionary producer and cultural manager who played an important role in the development of the cultural sector in Romania.

The “Gabriela Tudor” residency programme 2020 will have a duration of approx. 4 weeks and will take place in Agueda (Portugal) between September 1-28, 2020 and in Bucharest (Romania) between September 8-30, 2020. Each residency provides access to a workspace or dance studio (6 hours/day) as well as a fee of Euro 1500 for each project selected. For the residencies in Agueda an additional support of 300 Euro will be made for research and production costs. Both residences will conclude with an informal presentation open to the public. Up to 3 projects will be selected for the Agueda residency and one project for the Bucharest residency. The selection of projects will be made by a board consisting of Paulina Almedia (AGITlab) and Cosmin Manolescu (Gabriela Tudor Foundation).

Agueda AGITlab residency (PT) | September 1-28, 2020 | https://agitlab.wordpress.com
Artistic disciplines: performing arts (dance, theatre, music) and visual arts
Number of projects: 3 projects (up to 9 people in total)

The residency offers: international travel to Agueda (plane ticket + train ticket, amounting to Euro 250 for maximum 2 artists/project), one main meal/day cooked by a local Portuguese chef, Euro 250 per diem for the team, accommodation in shared rooms (up to 4 beds/room), working space (workshop space, wooden tea house and natural park), Euro 300 for production & research, Euro 1500 project fee (gross amount, payable at the end of the residency).

The residence welcomes artists and curators working on a new project idea or on a project in the final stage of production. Up to 3 projects will be selected, one from Romania, one from Portugal and one project ideally proposed by a mixed team of artists from different countries. The informal presentation open to the public at the end of the residency programme will take place on September 26. The artists selected will have to agree to participate to a series of joint activities including feedback sessions, weekly classes/jam session, cooking together, field trips in a rural area near Agueda and other activities to be agreed beforehand with the organisers. Each project team will have access to a workspace or dance space (6-12 hours/day) and accommodation covered for maximum 3 people. The artists/curators selected will be in charge of their health insurance during the residency time. Each project team will engage with the local community in Agueda through workshops, discussions, film screenings etc. The organisers will provide support in connecting with the local community and will accompany the residency. Special attention will be given to participatory and community projects or projects specially designed for urban or natural landscape. Solo projects are also welcomed.

Information on the residency in Agueda

Agueda is a small town of approx. 50,000 habitants located in the district of Aveiro, 72 km from Porto and 240 km far from Lisbon. The residency will take place in the Alta Vila Park, Águeda, situated in city centre, near the train station. Parque Alta Vila is the largest green zone of ​​the city, consisting of an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters of plants and winding paths and false ruins. In the centre of the garden is the main house – the Casa Alta Vila, the building which will host the residency and where the artists will live. In the garden once can also find a a small bamboo forest, a small lake, crossed by two bridges, an iron gazebo, a tennis court, a chapel, the guardhouse, fake caves and ruins created to confer scenographic impact. The Park is currently under renovation. The artists will live in the main villa that has two floors with an entrance hall, two big rooms and two small rooms, 3 bathrooms (2 provided with a shower), one kitchen, and spacious attic. The selected artists will have access to work in the Tea House (with wooden floor), in an old building of the wine cooperative of the region, which was in function until 70s, or in the park.

The application dossier must be submitted electronically in English to emails office@gabrielatudor.ro and agitlabresidence@gmail.com and should include: a motivation letter, CV or artistic biography for each participating artist, a short description of the proposed project (maximum 2 A4 pages), video/photo links in connection to the project, 2 photos (one portrait of each participating artist and one artistic photo), up to maximum 10 MG. Registration deadline is May 1, 2020, and the selection results will be announced early May 2020.

The residency in Agueda is jointly organised by Gabriela Tudor Foundation in partnership with “Improvise and Organise” Association with the financial support of the City of Agueda and is a cultural project co-founded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

Bucharest CORP | BODY Residency | September 8-30, 2020 | www.dans.ro
Artistic disciplines: contemporary dance and/or interdisciplinary projects centred on body
Number of participating artists: 1-2 people

The “Gabriela Tudor” residency in Bucharest will take place in a new dance studio that will be opened in summer 2020 run by 4 Bodies – a collective of 4 dance structures in Bucharest. The selected artists/curators/producers will have access to a dance studio (6 hours/day), but also to a daily programme of classes and workshops. The artists will also participate to a special series of events (round tables, performances, work-in-progress presentations) in connection with the official launching of the space in September 2020. In return the artists/curators will need also to lead a workshop for the local artists/amateurs or propose other events. The residency will conclude with a final public presentation on September 30.

Costs covered: project fee of Euro 1500 (gross amount, payable in Romanian currency for Romanian artists); accommodation in a private studio in Bucharest, transport by plane/train/bus to Bucharest within the limit of Euro 200/ticket/team.

The application file must be submitted in English or Romanian to email office@gabrielatudor.ro and should include: a motivation letter, CV or artistic biography for each participating artist, a short description of the proposed project (maximum 2 A4 pages), video/photo links in connection to the project, 2 photos (one portrait of each participating artists and one artistic photo). Registration deadline is May 1, 2020, and the selection results will be announced early May 2020.

If you need additional information on both residencies, please contact Cosmin Manolescu at office@gabrielatudor.ro.

The “Gabriela Tudor” Residency programme 2020 is a cultural project co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and the City of Agueda. The project does not necessarily represent the standpoint of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN cannot be held liable for the content of the project or the manner in which the outcomes of the project may be used. These shall devolve entirely on the beneficiary of the financing.

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